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    Read Road to Heaven today. God's plan is the best plan. Profits go to Ministry News.
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    Wells for Togo is a project Joan started on her mission trips to Togo.
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Ministry News

“Ministry News” is looking for people in ministry, missions or Pastors who would benefit from video about themselves and their ministry.

“Ministry News Video” is a faith based ministry that can make video presentations at no cost to your organization.

“Ministry News” can use video footage created by you, create the footage or combine both for a professional informative view of the ministry.

The end product can then be used to make people aware of what you do and help bring prayer, volunteers and support.

“Ministry News” is focusing on ministries without the resources to do this on their own. If you know of a ministry or have a need yourself please contact us today.

The main goal of Ministry News is to provide video services to Christian Ministries and Missionaries around the globe that will help them inform supporters and potential supporters of what they are doing and the results of their endeavors.

The primary service Ministry News will provide is professional video and internet media. This will be accomplished by sending out video teams to interview ministers and the people they impact.

Ministry News is a faith based ministry. Many ministries are stretched thin when it comes to resources. Ministry News can come in and help them produce video and other media that can help increase the exposure they have to reach those with the resources to help them.

Statistics show that many people will watch a video before reading just text. Video is becoming the webs business card. This is a way to catch your attention and give you the information you should have in a minimal time so you can understand the ministry vision, work and how you can be involved.
Having a video with proper optimization greatly increases search results to help list your ministry and work on Google’s front page up to +50% better.

Some benefits:

  • Show the needs of our hurting,fallen world
  • Find ministries and missions you never knew existed
  • Be aware what they do
  • Specific prayer for them
  • Know how their money is used
  • Encourage those who are called full time
  • Show the love of Jesus
  • Raise awareness of doing what God has told us to do - Matthew 28:19-20

Please pray for this ministry and about how you can be involved.


For over four decades, the Institute for Creation Research has equipped believers with evidence of the Bible's accuracy and authority through scientific research, educational programs, and media presentations, all conducted within a thoroughly biblical framework.

Partners Int.

The vision of Partners International is to see a hurting world transformed by the power and love of Christ. By advancing a global network of partnerships, we envision thousands of growing, vital communities of Christian witness bringing real hope and real change to the least Christian regions of the world.

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